Milksolids - 2.9m kgMS
People employed - 65
Cows - 9500
Area farmed - 4090ha
Dairy Farm land - 2900ha
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Why work with us

BEL Group offers dairy farm employment opportunities to people who have a strong fit with our values, are looking to enjoy a career in dairy farming and are willing and active learners.

Benefits of working with BEL Group include:

  • The ability to develop your career through different roles and different farms while living within one community and keeping children in one school.
  • Clear structured performance expectations and an annual formal review process supported by the business.  This is on top of informal regular review and feedback processes that each Farm Manager impalements in their own team.
  • Employers that are supportive of skills training and professional development.  An in-house training programme is continually being added to and grown as well as a strong relationship with AgITO that supports external learning and qualifications.  Each farm has its own 'Training Budget' allowing it to support initiatives sought by team members.
  • In-house expertise readily accessed - BEL Group has a highly skilled leadership and senior management team who are readily available to assist and support on-farm activities, training and professional development.
  • People focussed activities including a regular opportunities for Staff to talk to senior management over lunch and a "Partners Group" for the spouses and partners of BEL Group employees to meet and develop their own community and network.
  • Employers who seek continual improvement as a part of their everyday activity, this means that we listen, learn and incorporate new ideas as they fit with our business development and business goals.

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