Milksolids - 2.9m kgMS
People employed - 65
Cows - 9500
Area farmed - 4090ha
Dairy Farm land - 2900ha
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Dairy Support

Peterdale  Wainui  Balfour Road  Smith River  Gunsons  Indigo Heights  



Peterdale is a 320ha grazing block. It has a gentle rolling contour and enjoys strong rainfall due to its location near the Western Ranges. Peterdale provides youngstock grazing managed by the Dairy Support team. Crops are grown to support the winter feed reqiuremnts of the 500 winter cows, calves and yearlings to be grazed. Around 450 spring and 290 autumn calves will go to Peterdale each year. Extensive capital work was completed in 2010 including access, subdivision, water reticulation system and capital fertiliser.



Wainui is a 120ha block owned by BEL Group. It is located along Ashcott road approximately 5km away from Ashton Dairy.

This block is used for growing maize silage, 72ha, and will produce pasture silage crops for the Dairy farms.

Fodder beet, rape, oats and barley silage is also crown to support the feeding of up to 1000 mixed age cows wintered at Wainui.


Balfour Road

Balfour Road is a leased block with approximately 80 ha grazing area. This block is located on Balfour Road and cows are able to be walked from all dairy farms to this block for grazing.

It is used to to winter up to 1000 cows using fodder beet, rape and oat crops as well as barley silage grown on farm. Maize silage is grown on the property and sold to the Dairy Farms. 


Smith River

The Smith River block is a leased block of 82ha. This block will winter around 600 cows.

The Smith River block will provide dairy farms with grass and maize silage. Fodder beet, rape and oats crops and barley silage grown on farm are used for winter feed.



Gunson's is a well fenced, well watered and very well maintained 94.5 ha block. It is used as a grazing block for young stock. it carries 350 calves and 350 yearling replacement heifers.

Gunson's is located on State Highway 50 in Onga with the owner living on farm.


Indigo Heights

Indigo Heights is a 290 ha block purchased by BEL Group in February 2015. It is located along State Highway 50 in the Onga Onga district of Central Hawkes Bay. The farm is used for grazing calves, yearlings, winter cows and growing maize and grass silage to sell to dairy farms.

Indigo Heights will grow rape and oat crops as well as barley silage to be used for winter feed. 

The property sits in a basin and is therefore naturally sheltered. An area of bush along the southern boundary provides additional shelter.

Indigo Heights is ideally situated to take advantage of the proposed Ruataniwha Water Scheme if and when it proceeds.


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