Milksolids - 2.9m kgMS
People employed - 65
Cows - 9500
Area farmed - 4090ha
Dairy Farm land - 2900ha
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Longrow Dairies was the first of the dairy farms that BEL Group became involved with in the Hawkes Bay and has expanded from the original three dairy farms of Kowhai Terrace, Cloverlea and Parkhill to include the 2012 purchase of the Reigate Farm.

Learn more about Longrow Dairies and our farms.


BEL Group owns five dairy farm units - Ashton, Springfield, Hedley, Ellingham and Fairlea

Learn more about our properties and what we offer.


The BEL Group Dairy Support business was formally created in April 2010 with the purchase of Peterdale, a 320 ha grazing block located at Ashley Clinton.

The Dairy Support business runs 800 ha in total and this area is used to winter graze up to 4500cows, provides grazing for calves and heifers and grows maize and pasture silage for the dairy farms.