Milksolids - 2.9m kgMS
People employed - 65
Cows - 9500
Area farmed - 4090ha
Dairy Farm land - 2900ha
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BEL Group

BEL Group is a dynamic and progressive dairy farming business, with strong values that support profitable, repeatable productive performance.  Growth, whether it be of the people they employee, the business in general or the ongoing improvement of business performance and ways of doing things, is a strong focus for BEL Group.

Whether you are an existing employee, or interested in learning more about BEL Group, we invite you to discover our history, family, team and structure.

The journey in establishing BEL Group is paved with significant milestones. Find out more about how BEL Group began.
The Barry Farmily have made Central Hawke's Bay their home since 1994, when they first arrived with the equity partnership opportunity of Longrow.

BEL Group employs over 65 permanent staff across its different business entities. Structurally the business roles are divided into the Operations Team, Business Services, Assisting and Specialist roles.

Responsible for leading and directing BEL Group, the Management Team play a strategic role in the success of the group.

BEL Group is made up of two ownership entities - find out more about how our group is structured and managed.

BEL Group supports a wide range of community, sporting and industry activities throughout the Hawkes Bay.